Welcome, Kaia!

Say hello to the newest member of our crew! Kaia was born in Montana at Prairie Ridge Ranch in May 2019, and joined our family at the end of July. She came straight home to Vashti, and less than 48 hours later, we embarked on our first trip to Lake Huron. 



At over a year old, Kaia is becoming an excellent boat dog. She’s learned how to navigate the cabin ladder now that she’s so much bigger than last year. We’re working on convincing her that the astroturf on the bow is useful for more than drying herself off after a swim. She’s comfortable with being lowered to the water in the dinghy, and has become an absolute rockstar swimmer this summer. Much like Tesla did, Kaia loves the horse ball and would swim all day if we’d let her. She’s not scared of thunder, and does a great job weathering storms while on the boat.









Kaia makes us laugh every day, and we are super glad that she’s part of our family.


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