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Every year, Tami and I take a week off for her birthday in August, and head up to our favorite camping spot on Lake Superior. There, we find two things we can’t find elsewhere: Darkness and Solitude. Last Summer’s trip wasn’t exactly perfect. On the way up, we stupidly followed a "new" route which the GPS randomly suggested, and ended up nearly stranded on washed out snowmobile tracks. It was the coldest, wettest year yet, and the only day nice enough to sit on the beach was plagued with biting flies.
However, we will remember it always as among the best, because in our boredom and frustration, we began to discuss something wild. You see, for the past couple years, we had been considering the possibility that our retirement plans might include a sailboat, ocean crossings, and adventure. But, for the first time, we started to realize that these dreams may never become real if they stay on the horizon. Plus, in our 60’s, the chances are high that we’ll have lost some of the mobility and health that we have now.
So, we set a plan in motion: a plan that, within a matter of months, produced a boat (an amazing boat), a firm course of education, and a timeline of two years. Two years, and we go. To where, yet, we aren’t sure. We aren’t even sure yet on where to go towards. The significance is all in the idea of going. All we know is that whenever we return, we’ll be different. We’ll be better. We’ll be happier. And that’s very exciting, indeed.
The following blog is the story of us becoming who we need to be in order to go. We need to learn a few things, like… how to sail.

This blog is accompanied by our YouTube channel, Sailing Vashti. If you want to live our adventure with us in real time, please subscribe to this blog as well as to the YouTube channel, and we’ll let you know whenever there’s new content.

We’re super happy you’re coming with us! Cheers!

Fair Winds,

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